Collaboration mediated by technology
Margin journal v.2

Curated and Edited by Tania Allen and Brooke Chornyak  
Published by White Matter Studio Collective

Margin is a experimental online and limited edition print journal devised with the intention of exploring what it means to collaborate in our transient digital environment. Each issue explores an alternate topic, and considers new ways to experiment with collaborative processes.

Volume 2: Design Matchmaking continues the investigation into collaborative processes. At our fingertips are the tools that grant us the agency to easily connect, share, upload, and build works together. Wide-reaching change is often driven by technology—new tools grant affordances for modes of working that erase our geographical barriers, thus making global collaboration possible without having to leave your office. Designers have the knowledge to operationalize the use of these tools in ways that enhance collaboration and connect to a larger networks. This volume of Margin seeks to unpack how mediated environments provide key affordances and limitations for true collaboration. 

In this volume of Margin, I contributed as participant, collaborator, and facilitator. As a participant, I took part in an exploratory workshop led by Tania Allen in which participants integrated text and image within short time constraints. As a collaborator, I co-wrote an essay on "Issues in Technology" with Cat Normoyle which initiated an area of research we continue to explore. Finally, I facilitated a workshop that tested the use of technology in the production of a collaborative motion design piece in which each participant defined "collaboration".