collab + design education

Book publication in progress with Bloomsbury Academic Publishing.

Design practitioners and educators can find value in a collaborative practice. We know that other designers contribute to the design process by providing creative perspectives, ways of knowing, and critical evaluations beyond our own. We push ourselves the hardest, and ask the toughest questions, when we know another colleague will be working on the same problem. As educators, we know that students will benefit in the same ways, and also be expected to be strong collaborators in practice.

Over the years, myself and Marty Maxwell Lane (Associate Professor, University of Arkansas) have worked together collaboratively on a wide range of projects, both in research and teaching. For over the last year and a half we have been working diligently on a book that offers a collection of case studies and information pertaining to Collaborations in Graphic Design Education. These case studies are drawn from our peers and colleagues in Graphic Design representing various institutions across the United States and beyond. We conducted a call for proposals and received an overwhelming response of 79 submissions, from there we have narrowed down to the best 20 case studies to be included in our forthcoming book of which we are currently seeking a publishing collaboration. We've also promoted, presented, and facilitated connections by participating at events and conferences focused on Design Education.

Publication Designer: Alberto Rigau, Principal & Creative Director, estudio interlínea