Design Cities: Detroit / Feb 2014 / detroit, mi

NoQuo / June 2015 / Vinalhaven, Maine

WILD_ _ NESS/WEIRD _ NESS / August 2016 / west bamfield, bc
contribution post


Dear DesignInquiry,

The first time I met you I was nervous.

I had heard of you. I knew of you. But I didn’t know a thing about you. I didn’t know your personality, your character, the way you laughed or ate a meal, because, as we know, these qualities are important. When you came to Detroit I knew it was my moment to met you. Due to logistical life reasons, well, and fear, I hadn’t made the effort to go to you but when you came near me I knew it was my chance. Being that Detroit was a city I had become infatuated with since moving to Michigan, I felt comfortable with the topic you were coming to explore in the cold frigid months of February. This gave me confidence.

The experience was overwhelming and chaotic, it led to more questions than it did answers. This though was positive, meeting you for those few days fueled curiosity, intrigue, and the desire to learn more about you and in turn show you more about me. I knew I would see you again but perhaps the next time would be where you live in your own surroundings.

With colleagues in tow I journeyed to you that next summer, in Vinalhaven for an experience that will forever influence my ways of working and being in the world. No photo, design, or video can capture the moments that took place during that week of getting to know you where you live. I was a quiet participant, yet an observant one taking in every conversation, site, sound, and smell. The experience was rich. I became addicted. I was in love. I needed this.

Come the following summer, I couldn’t pass up joining you in West Bamfield, BC for the most epic journey I have been on yet. I took cars, airplanes, buses, ferries, car and water taxies to meet you on the edge of Vancouver Island. I would do it all again.

The people I have met and connected with through meeting you has been as impactful as the experiences themselves. Although I don’t see them on a regular basis, my social media is flooded daily with the amazing things my DI connections are doing and challenging through their creative work, the inspiration continues.

I am forever grateful for meeting you, thank you.