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"DesignInquiry is a non-profit educational organization devoted to researching design issues in intensive team-based gatherings. An alternative to the design conference, it brings together practitioners from disparate fields to generate new work and ideas around a single topic." For each DesignInquiry residency program I participated in, I submitted a competitive proposal which is reviewed in great detail by the board of DesignInquiry. Participants are selected based on possible contribution and appropriateness of interests and work related to the topic to be explored.

DesignCity: Detroit 
Detroit, Michigan at PonyRide
Feb 20–23 2014

"The DesignInquiry/DesignCity Detroit Winter Inquiry is a brief expedition by a small group of designers (in the broadest sense) into the design landscape. We will explore Detroit as a naturally emergent system of creative and cultural activities. Here design is both the system and cultural activity of study, and the method of exploration."
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INTERRUPT = RISE/FALL individual contribution to the MOCAD DEPE Space Residency.
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Vinalhaven, Maine at Sparrow Barn
Jun 14–20, 2015

"DesignInquiry 2015: NO QUO carries on DI’s “Decade of Agitation”: we agitate beyond the prescribed & patrolled borders of professional & academic design(s). Where do NO QUO relations exist and how does the designer respond? What is “counter” to “status quo”? How does NO QUO expand the conversation? What form does NO QUO take?"
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Attempts No Quo V.3 DesignInquiry Publication selected for inclusion at the following exhibitions:

Experimental Thinking/Design Practices, held at Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia, Sep 18–Nov 7, 2015. Curators, Katherine Moline, Peter Hall and Beck Davis, Curated International Group Exhibition.
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Exchange, held at Crane International Project Space, Philadelphia, October 8–16, 2015. Curator, Cassandra Lehman-Schutlz. Curated International Group Exhibition. Exhibition Catalog & Description Link

West Bamfield, BC, Canada
Aug 7–13, 2016

"If wild _ _ ness situates itself apart from the cultivated world—untamed, unrestrained, unruly—and weird_ness draws its roots from a supernatural state, what does design need to do to suspend its own belief? Is there something to being in wild_ _ness that offers an alternative to the design process? Can design bewilder?"
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Collaboration mediated by nature (with Cat Normoyle)
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